Our Meat

FRESH Black Pudding

FRESH Maltese Sausage V.P

FRESH Veal Sausage (Seasonal)

FRESH Bratwurst Sausage V.P (German Style Pork Sausage) (Seasonal)

FRESH Beef Sausage (Halal)

FROZEN Pork Sausages x40 Small

FROZEN Beef Sausages x40 Small

FROZEN Traditional Frankfurters

FROZEN Pork Sausages x20 Large

FRESH Maltese Sausages

FRESH Pork Trotters Salted

FROZEN Chicken Breast Steaks coated with CornFlakes x6pcs + 2 FREE

FROZEN Chicken and Cheese Nuggets

FROZEN Vegetables and Cheese Nuggets (Value Pack)

FROZEN Chicken Nuggets (Value Pack)

FROZEN Chicken Breast Steaks coated with CornFlakes x4KG Box

FRESH Collar Bacon Sliced

FRESH Streaky Bacon Sliced

FROZEN Ham Burgers x12pcs

FROZEN Beef Sausages x20 Large

FROZEN Wurstel x8

FROZEN Chicken Pop Corn Hot 'n' Spicy xKG

FROZEN Chicken Pop Corn Southern Fried xKG

FROZEN Beef Meat Balls xKG

FROZEN Insalata di Mare xKG

FROZEN Battered Calamari Rings xKG

FROZEN Breaded Cod Lemon & Pepper xKG

FROZEN Battered Haddock Fillets xKG

FROZEN Battered Cod Portions

FROZEN Vegetable & Cheese Nuggets xKG

FROZEN Vegetable & Cheese Burger xKG

FROZEN Chicken Kievs Garlic & Herbs xKG

FROZEN Chicken Kiev Balls xKG

FROZEN Chicken Cordon Bleu xKG

FROZEN Chicken Crunchies (Breast Nuggets Coated with CornFlakes)

FROZEN Chicken Breast Steaks with CornFlakes xKG

FROZEN Chicken Breast Filletts xKG

FROZEN Chicken Fillet (Round) xKG

FROZEN Chicken Tenderloins Breaded xKG

FROZEN Vegetable and Cheese Burgers

FROZEN Chicken Breast Escalopes

FRESH Rabbit Liver

FRESH Rabbit Whole

FRESH Rabbit Chops

FRESH Turkey Drumsticks

FRESH Turkey Breast

FRESH Turkey Whole (Seasonal)

FRESH Turkey Wings

FROZEN Turkey Drumsticks

FRESH Rabbit Legs

FRESH Rabbit Shoulder

FROZEN Lamb Steaks V.P

FROZEN Lamb Leg Sliced V.P

FROZEN Lamb Frenched Rack

FROZEN Lamb Hind Shanks V.P

FROZEN Lamb Loin Chops V.P

FROZEN Lamb Minced x400gr

FROZEN Lamb Shoulder Bone-Less V.P

FROZEN Lamb Fillet V.P

FRESH Turkey Breast V.P

FROZEN Turkey Bone-Less (Seasonal)

FROZEN Beef Burgers (KING x100gr) 15pcs

FROZEN Chicken Crunchies x12pcs

FROZEN Beef Steakado x4pcs

FROZEN Meat Balls x12pcs pkt

FROZEN Chicken n Cheese Kievs

FROZEN Chicken Burgers x8pcs

FROZEN Chicken Burgers (KING)

FROZEN Chicken Burgers x15pcs

FROZEN Ham Burgers x6

FRESH Horse Meat Sliced

FROZEN Turkey Doux x4.6KG (Seasonal)

FROZEN Turkey Whole V.P (Seasonal)

FROZEN Turkey Breast V.P

FRESH Veal Milk Fed Topside

FRESH Veal Milk Fead Topside V.P

FROZEN Duck Breast

FROZEN Duck Legs

FROZEN Duck Whole

FROZEN Breaded Haddock Fillet xKG

FROZEN Breaded Plaice Fillet xKG

FRESH Gammon Steaks V.P

FRESH Bacon Shanks Smoked V.P.

FRESH Bacon Cubes V.P.

FRESH Gammon Steaks with Pineapple V.P

FRESH Gammon Cooked Bone-Less Halves

FRESH Ham Cubetti (Cubes)

FRESH Sliced Collar Bacon - Economy Pack - V.P

FRESH Bacon Mince x400gr V.P

FRESH Streaky Bacon Whole

FRESH Bacon Shanks Smoked

FROZEN Rabbit Chops

FROZEN Pork Medallions x KG

FRESH Pork BBQ Steaks (Pepper and Mustard) V.P

FROZEN Rabbit Legs

FROZEN Rabbit Shoulders

FRESH Pork Shoulder Ribs

FRESH Duck (Seasonal)

FRESH Veal Rib Eye

FRESH Gammon Shoulder Joint V.P

FRESH Gammon Joint (Ideal for Soups) - Not Cooked -

FROZEN Lamb Leg B-Less x KG

FROZEN Young Bull Cuberoll Whole x kg VP

FROZEN Poussins x KG

FROZEN Duck B-Less Half Roasted

FRESH Lamb Liver x KG VP

Variety of BBQ Meats Available !!

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FRESH Lamb Kidneys x KG VP

FROZEN Guniea Fowl Breast x KG

FROZEN Gunie Fowl Legs x KG

FRESH Maltese Sausage Smoked V.P

FRESH Beef Bone (by Piece)

FRESH Gammon Joint V.P - Ready Cooked -

FRESH Salsiccia Siciliana V.P

FRESH Pork Spare Ribs Smoked

FROZEN Whole Guinea Fowl x KG

FRESH Bacon Bone-Less

FRESH Sliced Back Bacon x KG V.P

FRESH Pork Stuffed x KG

FRESH Pork Stew V.P

FROZEN Surimi Gambero xKG

FROZEN Salmon Steaks xKG

FROZEN Saite Fish xKG

FROZEN Surimi Gambero x500GR/pkt

FROZEN Crab Sticks x250GR/pkt

FROZEN Misto Marinara x1KG

FROZEN Pangasius Fillets x1KG/Bag

FROZEN Smoked Salmon Pieces x227GR

FROZEN Plaice Fillets xKG

FROZEN Pollack Fillets xKG

FROZEN Fish Fingers xKG

FROZEN Cooked & Peeled Prawns xKG

FROZEN Calamari Rings xKG

FROZEN King Prawns (Argentina) xKG

FROZEN Mussel Meat xKG

FROZEN Pangasius Fillets xKG

FROZEN Octopus Small xKG

FROZEN Octopus Large Mexicana xKG

FROZEN Salmon Fillets xKG

FROZEN Cernia Steaks xKG

FROZEN Beef Olives (Bragoli) 4pcs

FROZEN Beef Marrow Bones

FROZEN Eyeround Sliced (Family Pack)

FRESH Pork Roast with Rosemary and Bacon V.P

FRESH Pork Leg for Roasting Stuffed V.P

FROZEN Pork Collar Bone-Less Chops

FROZEN Pork Loin Chops R-Less xKG

FRESH Pork Chops Loin x KG

FROZEN Young Bull Briskett x KG

FRESH Young Bull Brisket x KG

FRESH Briskett

FRESH Briskett x KG

FRESH Argentinian Rib Eye x KG

FROZEN Young Bull Briskett x KG

FROZEN Eyeround Sliced (Family Pack)

FROZEN Young Bull Sirloin Steak x KG

FRESH Beef Steaks BBQ V.P.

FROZEN Beef Marrow Bones

FROZEN Lamb Legs New Zealand

FRESH Lamb Neck Chops V.P (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork Trotters

FRESH Pork Cubes V.P

FRESH Pork Tongues

FRESH Pork Hearts

FROZEN Pork Loin Racks

FRESH Pork Kidneys

FRESH Pork French Rack

FRESH Pork Shanks

FRESH Pork Stuffed (Pick n Mix)

FRESH Pork Steaks BBQ (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork Shoulder Bone-In

FRESH Pork Fillet

FROZEN Beef Olives (Bragoli) x4pcs

FRESH Pork Loin Racks

FRESH Lean Pork Mince

FRESH Pork Topside Sliced

FRESH Pork Topside Whole

FRESH Pork Loin Bone-Less

FRESH Pork Legs Bone-In Whole

FRESH Pork Cutlets V.P

FRESH Pork Leg Bone-In

FRESH Pork Cheeks

FRESH Pork Liver

FROZEN Pork Mince

FRESH Pork Bellies Bone-In

FROZEN Pork Shoulder Chops R-Less

FROZEN Pork Collar Chops R-Less

FRESH Pork Kebabs (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork Chops (Skin On)

FROZEN Pork Collar Chops

FROZEN Pork Sausage Meat x400gr

FROZEN Pork Medallions

FROZEN Pork Brains

FRESH Pork BBQ Steaks V.P.


FROZEN Minced Meat

FRESH Lamb Shank V.P (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork Chops V.P

FRESH Lamb Bone-Less Shoulder V.P (Seasonal)

FRESH Lamb Chops V.P (Seasonal)

FROZEN Lamb Minced (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork BBQ Steaks (Pepperand Mustard) V.P

FRESH Lamb Leg V.P (Seasonal)

FRESH Pork Cubes V.P

FRESH Pork Medallions V.P

FRESH Pork Loin For Roasting Stuffed V.P

FRESH Pork Bellies x3pcs V.P

FRESH Pork Topside Whole V.P

FRESH Pork Minute Steak V.P

FRESH Pork Shoulder Chops V.P

FRESH Pork For Roasting B-Less V.P

FRESH Pork Collar Steaks (Economy Pack)

FRESH Pork Minced x400gr + 100gr FREE Packed

FRESH Pork Cutlet

FRESH Pork Fillets V.P

FRESH Pork Cheeks V.P

FROZEN Chicken Legs x10kg Box

FRESH Chicken Whole without Giblets

FRESH Chicken Drumsticks

FRESH Chicken Thighs

FRESH Chicken Necks

FROZEN Chicken Mince

FRESH Chicken Breast

FRESH Chicken Drumsticks

FRESH Capons

FRESH Chicken Legs

FRESH Chicken Escalopes x 4pcs

FRESH Chicken Liver

FRESH Chicken Breast Kievs

FRESH Chicken Breast Escalopes

FROZEN Beef Kebabs V.P.

FRESH Chicken Breast Cordon Bleu

FRESH Chicken Honey Drumsticks

FRESH Chicken Pieces with Pepper & Mustard

FROZEN Chicken Drumsticks

FRESH Chicken Whole

FRESH Chicken Breast

FRESH Chicken Wings

FRESH Chicken BBQ Kebabs (Sweet-Smokey Marinade)

FRESH Chicken Quarters

FRESH Super Rooster

FRESH Rooster Lemon & Pepper

FROZEN Chicken Wings



FROZEN Chicken Thighs

FROZEN Chicken Legs

FROZEN Chicken Breast x3 Fillets (Skin Pack)

FROZEN Chicken Breast x1 Fillet (Skin Pack)

FROZEN Poussins

FROZEN Chicken Kebabs V.P

FROZEN Chicken Mince x400gr

FROZEN Chicken Cordon Bleu (x4pieces)

FROZEN Chicken O'Ready x1.2KG

FRESH Chicken Pieces Ceylon Classic BBQ (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Wings

FRESH Chicken Pieces Cajun (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Pieces Lemon & Pepper (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Steaks BBQ Honey (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Tenderloins BBQ (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Thighs

FRESH Quails

FROZEN Chicken Drumsticks (Skin Pack) by 5pcs

FROZEN Chicken Perdix x1.2 KG

FROZEN Chicken Bone-Less

FRESH Chicken Escalopes (Seasonal)

FRESH Chicken Nuggets (Seasonal)

FROZEN Beef Mince (400gr/Packet)

FROZEN Beef Fillet Whole

FRESH Young Bull Fillet

FROZEN Beef Minced

FRESH Lean Beef Mince

FRESH Young Bull Roast


FROZEN Young Bull Sirloin

FROZEN Young Bull Cuberoll

FRESH Young Bull Premium Steak V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Sirloin Steak (1 Piecs) V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Ribeye Steak V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Bone-In for Broth

FROZEN Beef Minute Steak Sliced

FRESH Young Bull Hearts

FRESH Young Bull Tongues

FRESH Irish Rib Eye

FRESH French Rib Eye (Charolais)

FRESH Young Bull Sirloin

FRESH Young Bull Cubes

FRESH Young Bull Liver

FRESH Young Bull Tails

FRESH Young Bull Kidneys

FRESH Young Bull Fillet Steak V.P.

FRESH Young Bull T-Bone Steak V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Cubes V.P.

FROZEN Beef Minute Steak

FRESH Young Bull Fillet V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Sirloin Steak V.P.

FRESH Beef Bone-Less For Broth/Stew V.P.

FROZEN Young Bull Cuberoll Steaks

FROZEN Young Bull Sirloin

FROZEN Beef Tripe (Packed)

FROZEN Beef Ribs (Packed)

FRESH Beef Bone-in for Broth V.P.

FRESH Beef Tripe V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Tail Pieces V.P.

FRESH Argentinian Rump Steak V.P.

FRESH Beef Marrow Bones V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Roast V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Medallions V.P.

FRESH Argentinian Ribeye Steak V.P.

FRESH Beef Mince (x400gr + 100gr FREE)

FRESH Beef Bone (by piece) V.P.

FRESH Beef Heart V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Cheeks V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Bone-Less for Broth

FRESH Young Bull Flank V.P.

FRESH Young Bull Ossobuco

FRESH Young Bull for Frying

FRESH Young Bull Eyeround

FRESH Young Bull T-Bone Charolais


Variety of BBQ Meats Available !!

Variety of BBQ Meats Available !!
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" With 30 yrears of experience, we pride ouselves in mastering the amazing taste of Barbeque, with use of the finest ingredients for a certifired result ! "

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