Managing Director

Mr Joseph Mizzi started getting familiar in the meat industry at a young age when he was just giving a helping hand in the family business. Through such days Mr Mizzi gathered first-hand experience on meat and poultry traditional slaughtering, with the ambition of owning something even better.

In the early 1980s, Mr Mizzi was ready to take a venture and started his own business. Value and Quality where the two main characteristics that built and sustained the products together with the Chef’s Choice Brand.

With such success under his belt, Mr Mizzi was able to move on to yet another step, that of turning Chef’s Choice from a small business enterprise into a company and expanding its establishment.

Such product and brand expansion triggered Mr Mizzi to further his knowledge on such subject and with the help of seminars and workshops; Chef’s Choice continues to flourish in a dynamic way.

A personal achievement to Mr Mizzi was that of presenting the Chef’s Choice brand at the number-1 food exhibition Sial.

The brand Chef’s Choice has now become a house-hold name and with over 30,000 regular clients it continues to expand, bringing their clients only the best meats to their table.

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